Hugh Grant Welcomes Baby Girl

Forget About A Boy, it’s all about a girl! US Weekly has exclusively revealed that Hugh Grant is a father! According to a source close to Grant, the British actor welcomed a baby girl into the world in early October, which means he’s been a first time dad for almost a month. His rep also confirmed the news in a statement, saying, “I can confirm that Hugh Grant is the delighted father of a baby girl.” Seriously, is anyone else completely thrown off by this news? It’s so out of the blue!

In an odd twist, the baby’s mother is unknown. Grant was romantically involved with Chinese actress Tinglan Hong back in April, but so far no one has labeled her as the child’s mother. His rep neglected to reveal her identity, but acknowledged her existence, saying, “He and the mother had a fleeting affair and while this was not planned, Hugh could not be happier or more supportive. He and the mother have discussed everything and are on very friendly terms.” The baby’s name has yet to be divulged as well.

Grant confessed to Vogue magazine back in 2007 that he was ready to be a father, saying, “As much as I adore myself, I’m quite keen to find someone else to care about more. I remember reading a Warren Beatty quote when he finally had children and said what a relief it was to not be all me, me, me.” Well we wish the British heartthrob the best of luck in the joys of parenting and look forward to the baby pictures. But in the meantime, let’s play my new favorite game: Who’s Hugh Grant’s Baby Mama?

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Source: US