Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris Call Off the Wedding

hugh hefner crystal harrisHugh Hefner‘s wedding to 25 year old Crystal Harris was supposed to be next Saturday, but reports indicate the event has been canceled. TMZ says Crystal packed up her things and left the Playboy Mansion after she had a fight with Hef, presumably about how she talks too softly. Their fight was probably not, however, about their 60 year age difference because they filmed a video for Funny or Die making fun of it and promoting ‘The Playboy App,’ which can help you educate yourself about the things that are of interest to your 85 year old fiance (I don’t really see why there needs to be a video about an app that only depicts the high points of homemade cards and shoe boxes full of stamps, but whatever). I assume now that the wedding is off that they’ve broken up, and that’s really bad because Hef’s old and sad and there’s probably just no more peacocks for him left to buy.

Source: Popeater