Hugh Hefner Rebounds with Anna Sophia Berglund

hugh hefnerWell ladies, we knew this wasn’t going to last long – Hugh Hefner is back off the market.  Former fiance, Crystal Harris, may be partying it up in Vegas on the weekend of their would-be wedding, but don’t expect Hef to be crying over spilled silicon.  He was cozying up to Miss January 2011, Anna Sophia Berglund, at the Playboy Mansion.  The two were spotted making out during a movie night (while watching Runaway Bride perhaps?).  Hef is mixing it up a bit with an older woman this time – Berglund is 24 days older than Harris.  While his friends claim he is heartbroken, they also say “The image of an old man sitting at home broken-hearted is bad for business. Hugh knows that what’s best for the brand is for him to start dating again no matter how much pain he is in.”  Yes, we wouldn’t want feelings to get in the way of business…at least he’s got his priorities in order.  I guess good old Hef will just have to suck it up and force himself to date yet another hot, young woman.  Life is hard.

How is Harris doing you may wonder?  “I’m doing okay,” she said. “I just had to get away. Today is the day and I just had to get away. I’m going back tonight so I just wanted to get away for the day.”  Harris was partying poolside at Las Vegas’s Wet Republic party with reality star Heidi Montag.  She’s certainly made an enemy out of Hef’s ex, Holly Madison, who is repulsed by Harris’ actions.  Madison tweeted, “That’s a new low. That’s disgusting and whoever booked her is tacky.”  Yes, because that’s the only thing tacky about all this…

Source: Popeater