Hugh Jackman Not Hosting Oscars Again This Year

Hugh JackmanMan, the Oscar producers really like Hugh Jackman. After they successfully got him to host two years ago, they approached him last year to host. But ol’ Jackman didn’t want to dip into the well two years in a row so he declined. Hosting duties went to Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin instead, and it went fairly well. Now that he’s had a buffer year, Jackman shouldn’t have an excuse. Except he’s prepping the sequel to X-men Origins: Wolverine and will be filming around the time of the Oscars.

So there goes that idea. Guess this means the producers will have to look to someone (possible) new for the hosting gig. My first choice? Neil Patrick Harris. That man can charm the pants off a statue. And if they want someone who can sing and dance like Hugh Jackman, have they not been watching TV for the past few years? NPH can do all that and then some. Second choice? Stephen Colbert. This has precedent because Jon Stewart hosted about five years ago and Colbert’s popularity has only increased in the time between then and now. Third choice is Ricky Gervais. He hosted the Golden Globes or Emmys or something a year or two ago and absolutely destroyed. Easily one of the top three comedians in the world at the moment. Not to mention that every time he is a presenter at the Emmys, his little introduction is funnier than the rest of the show combined.

Of course, my choices do have their downsides. The biggest obstacle is that they’re white men, but come on, are we really still arguing about that stuff? Then again some might argue that NPH is gay, Colbert is too political and Gervais is too… ummm… British (I dunno, I got nothing, I just know someone would complain) so no matter who we get, we’re going to have someone somewhere complain. And then I’ll complain about the complaining. After which we’ll watch the Oscars, forget about the host, and then start complaining about who won and lost. Can’t wait for it.

Source: Deadline