Hughes documentary set for international release

Don’t You Forget About Me tells the story of Hughes’ life and was completed before the beloved filmmaker died from a heart attack, aged 59.

Alliance Films of Montreal signed a deal to release the project shortly after his death made headlines on Thursday (06Aug09), reports trade magazine Variety.

Several stars from Hughes’ hit movies took part in director Matt Austin-Sadowski’s film, including The Breakfast Club stars Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson, Weird Science’s Kelly LeBrock and Pretty In Pink actor Andrew McCarthy.

Austin-Sadowski cites Hughes as one of his greatest influences, and hopes the documentary will inspire a renewed interest in his work.

He says, “He inspired me as a person, going through an awkward adolescence, as many people do. He took affairs of the heart very seriously, and no other director gave teenagers that sort of treatment at that time.”.