‘Hunger Games” Josh Hutcherson’s Cute Commercial at Age 11: Watch It!


Josh HutchersonLater this month, Josh Hutcherson will be hurled into the hell fires of The Hunger Games, pit against his closest friend (Jennifer Lawrence) in the be-all-end-all fight for his life. But if that’s not really your speed, there’s also a clip of him telling a clumsy neighbor about the wonders of the internet! Back in 2002, Josh Hutcherson (then only 11 years old) starred in a commercial for Time Warner and Road Runner. 

As you can see in the ad below, Hutcherson exemplifies the post-millennium youth, complete with the highlighted tips, long cargo shorts and flagrant arrogance about his superior understanding of technology. It all began here, but it will all end with The Hunger Games. Not his career, just someone’s life.
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The Hunger Games opens on March 23.