‘Hunger Games’ Star Josh Hutcherson Admires Ryan Gosling

josh hutchersonIf I were a betting person, I’d wager that everyone (and I mean everyone) at one point or another has fallen in love with the swoon-worthy Ryan Gosling. Whether you fawned over his character in a movie or became enamored with his heroic actions on the streets of NYC, you’ve found yourself wishing one of two things: that you were him or that you were dating him. It’s inevitable and even other celebs are falling under the Gosling spell, including the young actor, Josh Hutcherson.

In a recent video interview with Elle magazine, the star admitted that he too has a bit of a man crush on Gosling, and that he really admires his work as an actor. Indeed, Hutcherson hopes to be just like him someday, confessing, “I’m a big fan. I like his subtleties and how he really internalizes a lot of the emotion. And for me, that’s kind of my style. So, he’s definitely a big person to look up to.” But Hutcherson shouldn’t sell himself short. After all, let’s remember that Gosling wasn’t always as popular as he is today. It takes time to reach that certain level of greatness, but it’s definitely not out of Hutcherson’s reach.

This 19-year-old is on the cusp of a very promising career, especially now that he’s nabbed the starring role in The Hunger Games trilogy, which is sure to be huge when the franchise hits the big screen in March. Before he knows it, his female fan base will skyrocket and he’ll be just a recognized as many of the prominent names in Hollywood. Audiences will see him on the big screen competing in a life or death match, where only one person can survive, while vying for a girl’s affection. That’s hot stuff and the ladies are sure to love it.

Speaking of which, he also happened to touch upon his idea of a perfect date night, saying, “I’m a big romantic, traditional, cheesy guy. I’m all about going to the beach, under the stars. That’s a real ‘date’ date. Other than that, dinner and movie, that’s just classic. There’s a reason why it’s a traditional kind of date.” Totally adorable, right? But if he’s working toward the whole Gosling appeal, he might want to set his sights on date nights at Disneyland. It seems to work wonders for Ryan.

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Source: Elle