Ian Fleming

Author, Journalist
While some believed that author Ian Fleming must have lived a life as exciting and adventurous as his famed literary creation, James Bond, nothing could have been further from the truth. Though certain lines of fact and ... Read more »
Born: 05/28/1908 in Mayfair, London, England, GB


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While some believed that author Ian Fleming must have lived a life as exciting and adventurous as his famed literary creation, James Bond, nothing could have been further from the truth. Though certain lines of fact and fiction were definitely blurred - both character and author were consummate womanizers, though the latter was far more sadomasochistic - Fleming was a far cry from the super agent secretly dispatched to take care of Britain's more complicated Cold War problems. Even Fleming's own involvement with an intelligence agency during World War II was nothing more than glorified desk work. Fleming's life was a touch eccentric, however, what with his many affairs with women, late nights in French casinos and a relentless diet of booze and cigarettes. But it was an intense desire to live up to expectations far exceeding his abilities - coupled with an incredible thirst for high-adventure - that prompted the grandson of a Scottish financier to create the ruthless secret agent that graced the pages of his pulp novels in the 1950s. If nothing else, Fleming lived a vicarious life through Bond, one that gave the author an escape from the realization that his own existence was rather mundane.


Anne Fleming

was married when they began an affair married after she became pregnant with their son

Mike Fleming Sound


Valentine Fleming

member of Parliament died in the Great War, 8 days shy of Ian's 9th birthday Winston Churchill wrote the obituary for The Times

Evelyn Fleming


James Fleming Props

son of Richard born c. 1944

Caspar Fleming

born c. 1952 mother, Anne Fleming died from a suicidal drug overdose in 1975

Peter Fleming


Richard Fleming


Amaryllis Fleming

illegitimate half-sister

Robert Fleming

founder of the Scottish American Investment Trust and of merchant bank Robert Fleming & Co. (since 2000 part of Chase Manhattan)

Christopher Lee Actor



Munich University

continued German studies

University of Geneva

studied French

Eton College

won the Victor Ludorum at Eton two years running; left before graduation over an incident involving a girl

studied German in Kitzbühel, Austria, at a small private establishment run by the Adlerian disciples, Ernan Forbes Dennis and his American wife, the novelist Phyllis Bottome

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

departed from Sandhurst early



Wrote children's novel <i>Chitty Chitty Bang Bang</i>


Based on the most popular novel to date, saw his last Bond film released "From Russia with Love"


Published tenth novel in the James Bond series <i>The Spy Who Loved Me,</i> written in the first person perspective of Vivienne Michel, the female protagonist, whom Fleming credited as co-author


Sold the film rights of all current and future James Bond novels and short stories; co-produced a film version of "Dr. No" (1962)


Published the article "The Great Riot of Istanbul," in the Sunday <i>Times</i>, on Sept. 11, 1955, just days after the Istanbul Pogroms, when ethnic Greeks were attacked by a Turkish mob


Published first novel <i>Casino Royale</i>, which introduced the character of James Bond


Wrote a memorandum about the structure and functions of a secret service organization; parts of this memorandum were later used in the official charter for the OSS (dissolved after World War II and was replaced with the Central Intelligence Agency)

Worked as a sub-editor and journalist for <i>Reuters</i> news service

At the start of WWII, recruited by Rear Admiral John Godfrey, Director of Naval Intelligence of the Royal Navy, as his personal assistant