Ian Morse


Physical Effects (6)

Wrath of the Titans 2012 (Movie)

Animatronic Model Designer (Animatronics)

Clash of the Titans 2010 (Movie)

Animatronics Modeller (Animatronics)

Alexander 2004 (Movie)

Lead Technician (Prosthetics)

28 Days Later 2003 (Movie)

Prosthetics Crew (Prosthetics)

Little Shop of Horrors 1986 (Movie)

animatronics technician (Animatronics)
Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup (4)

Fury 2014 (Movie)

Special Make-Up FX Sculptor (Special Makeup Effects)

Battle for Haditha 2008 (Movie)

(Prosthetic Makeup)

28 Weeks Later 2007 (Movie)

Prosthetic Make-Up Artist (Prosthetic Makeup)

The Order 2003 (Movie)

Makeup Effects Artist (Makeup Effects)
Art Department (2)

From Hell 2001 (Movie)

foam technician (Art Department)

When the Whales Came 1989 (Movie)

foam latex (Art Department)
Visual Effects & Animation (2)

Shrooms 2008 (Movie)

Creature Effects Technician (Special Effects Technician)

Split Second 1992 (Movie)

creature effects designer (Visual Effects)