Ian Somerhalder, Pre-Damon Salvatore and Boone Carlyle — PICS

Before he was seduced by his stepsister Shannon on Lost and before he seduced every female he came in contact with on The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder was doing his best to seduce the camera. Yep, Somerhalder was a teen model. In the words of original vampire Elijah, “I believe the term you’re searching for is… OMG.”

We’ve compiled our favorite pictures from the brooder’s Versace Versus 1995 Ad Campaign, along with commentary from his TVD character bad-boy-vampire Damon. We present to you: Ian Somerhalder, the model! 

Doing his best impression of the dog he’s straddling

“Stop being cute.” -Damon Salvatore


Doing his best impression of Michael Jackson

“I gotta admit, even for me, that’s a little kinky.” -Damon Salvatore


Doing his best impression of the woman behind him

“I may just have to go and get a hero hairdo of my own.” -Damon Salvatore


Doing his best impression of Downton Abbey

“I’m better at being the bad guy, anyway.” -Damon Salvatore


Doing his best impression of a tree trunk

“There are no such things as bad ideas. Just poorly executed good ones.” -Damon Salvatore


There. That should just about tide you over before The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere October 11. 


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