8 Iconic Red Carpet Dresses Get Makeovers — PICS

When it comes to red carpet dressing, most stylists will tell you that their biggest dream is to create a look that stands the test of time. An icon. Because it is thanks to these stylists and the beautiful designs fashion’s brightest stars create that truly weave together the story of a memorable red carpet moment. 

But creating such a look is no easy task — the turn-over for fashion trends is incredibly fickle, and in one moment the thing that defined the dress could quickly turn into a dated fashion no-no. Timing, in fashion, is everything. So we’ve tasked some of the most talented fashion students around to imagine their own future greatness, but with a twist: re-create an iconic red carpet look from the past for 2013. Inspirations included famous dresses worn by Jennifer Lopez, Bjork, Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts, and more.

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So click the image below to check out our gallery of iconic red carpet upgrades, and see if you prefer the past, or the future, of fashion.

Gallery: 8 Iconic Red Carpet Dresses Get Makeovers

Jennifer Lopez's Grammy Dress, re-imagined

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