Carly Block

Credits: Sarah's Summer House BIRTHDATE| N/A

Carly Brooke


Carly Burbidge

Credits: Read It and Weep BIRTHDATE| N/A

Carly Cerquone

Credits: Need for Speed BIRTHDATE| N/A

Carly Chaikin

Carly Chaikin
As a newcomer to the industry, budding star Carly Chaikin established herself quickly in the public eye, landing parts in movies such as the Nicholas Sparks tearjerker "The Last Song" (2010) starring Miley Cyrus, before landing her big break playing snarky mean-girl Dalia Royce on the hit sitcom "Suburgatory" (ABC, 2011-). It was a role that immediately connected with viewers. Although the show...
Credits: Suburgatory, Escapee, The Last Song, NTSF:SD:SUV BIRTHDATE| 03/26/1990

Carly Chalom

Credits: The Safety of Objects BIRTHDATE| N/A

Carly Cole

Credits: Dad, the Angel & Me BIRTHDATE| N/A