Carlton Bluford

Credits: Promised Land BIRTHDATE| N/A

Carlton Bortell

Credits: A Day of Judgment BIRTHDATE| N/A

Carlton Bost

Credits: Repo! The Genetic Opera BIRTHDATE| N/A

Carlton Brown

Credits: Lana's Rain BIRTHDATE| N/A

Carlton Coffie


Carlton Coyler

Credits: Our Five Daughters BIRTHDATE| N/A

Carlton Cuse

Carlton Cuse
A veteran television producer and writer, Emmy winner Carlton Cuse helped to shape the complex geometry that was the storyline for "Lost" (ABC, 2005-2010), and created such successful series as "Nash Bridges" (CBS, 1996-2001) and "Martial Law" (CBS, 1998-2001). He began as a development executive, but transitioned to the production side with the short-lived series "The Adventures of Brisco County...

Carlton D Mays

Credits: Fun Size BIRTHDATE| N/A

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