C Armicheres

Credits: Mauvaise Fille BIRTHDATE| N/A

C Armstrong

Credits: Breathless BIRTHDATE| N/A

C Arnell

Credits: Getting Straight BIRTHDATE| N/A

C Arthur Smith

Credits: Law & Order BIRTHDATE| N/A

C Ashley Shearman

Credits: Any Given Sunday BIRTHDATE| N/A

C Aubrey Smith

Tall, distinguished stage actor with memorable bushy eyebrows and thick moustache who entered films in 1915 but is best known for his numerous character roles for Hollywood in the 1930s and 40s; often cast as a crusty, blustery upper-class Brit.

C B Allen

Credits: Ghost Game BIRTHDATE| N/A

C B Bissel

Credits: Couch Taters, Gown Crazy BIRTHDATE| N/A

C B Blackburn

Credits: Lemora, Lady Dracula BIRTHDATE| N/A

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