H Esterly

Credits: The Very Eye of Night BIRTHDATE| N/A

H Estrada

Credits: Total Exposure BIRTHDATE| N/A

H Exposito

Credits: Sur BIRTHDATE| N/A

H F Chiang

Credits: White Phantom BIRTHDATE| N/A

H F Guilford

Credits: Space Strikers BIRTHDATE| N/A

H F Hemy

Credits: When Brendan Met Trudy BIRTHDATE| N/A

H F Hoenekamp

Credits: A Star Is Born BIRTHDATE| N/A

H F Koenekamp

A pioneer in the field of special effects photography, Koenekamp began his career as a camera operator for Mack Sennett's Keystone studio, where he filmed such notables as Charlie Chaplin, Gloria Swanson and the famed Keystone Kops. He then went on to Vitagraph Studios, where he had a long working relationship with silent screen comedian Larry Semon. Among those films done with Semon are the...

H F Maltby

Credits: Pygmalion BIRTHDATE| N/A

H F Noyes

Credits: The Girl From Mani BIRTHDATE| N/A