I Cheng-Sheng

Credits: Lucy BIRTHDATE| N/A

I A Belsole

Credits: The Comfort of Strangers BIRTHDATE| N/A

I A L Diamond

Immigrated to the USA (Brooklyn) at age 9, adding the decorative initials to his name some time later. Diamond moved to Hollywood in 1941, working on mostly unexceptional films before teaming up with Billy Wilder for "Love in the Afternoon" (1957). He became Wilder's co-writer of choice (taking the place of Charles Brackett), with the team turning out consistently incisive, outstanding comedies...
Credits: Buddy Buddy, Fedora, Fedora, The Front Page, Avanti! BIRTHDATE| 06/27/1920

I A Martin

Credits: Snap Judgment BIRTHDATE| N/A

I Alberto Blaffeder

Credits: Giselle BIRTHDATE| N/A

I Am Arrows

Credits: Friends with Benefits BIRTHDATE| N/A

I Am Kloot

Credits: Sunshine BIRTHDATE| N/A

I Arepina

Credits: Bolshaya semya BIRTHDATE| N/A

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