Marco Heyse

Credits: Adam Resurrected BIRTHDATE| N/A

Marco Hoffmann

Credits: Sweetie Pie BIRTHDATE| N/A

Marco Hofschneider

This soulful, dark-eyed German actor made a huge smash in his first film, and has been trying to find a worthy follow-up ever since. Born in Berlin, Hofschneider was making an impression on German TV in his teens. He appeared as a prostitute's son in the successful TV-movie "Hurengluck/Whore's Luck", a newspaper worker in "Benno's Faults", a working class teenaged father in "Mother at 16" and a...

Marco Horacio

Credits: Filme Da Treta BIRTHDATE| N/A

Marco Huerte

Credits: VH1 Big in '05 Awards BIRTHDATE| N/A

Marco Hui

Credits: Knock Off BIRTHDATE| N/A

Marco Iannone

Credits: The Last in Class BIRTHDATE| N/A

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