O J McClintock

Credits: Two for the Money BIRTHDATE| N/A

O J O'Connell

Credits: Out of Ireland BIRTHDATE| N/A

O J Simpson

O J Simpson
Arguably one of the best running backs in NFL history, Simpson gained celebrity carrying the ball for the Buffalo Bills. With a broad handsome face and winning smile, his transition from sports hero to performer was a natural one. Simpson began his off-field assignments by hosting segments of ABC's "Wide World of Sports" and popping up in movies such as "The Klansman", opposite Richard Burton, and...

O J Smith

Credits: Pressure Point BIRTHDATE| N/A

O J Tan

Credits: Bloodsport BIRTHDATE| N/A

O J Tang

Credits: Return to Paradise BIRTHDATE| N/A

O J Victor

Credits: The Element of Crime BIRTHDATE| N/A

O J--the Cat

Credits: Seems Like Old Times BIRTHDATE| N/A

O Jackson

Credits: Next Friday, Dangerous Ground BIRTHDATE| N/A

O Jimenez

Credits: The Dancer Upstairs BIRTHDATE| N/A

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