Walter Lantz

Worked with Gregory La Cava at Bray Studios in New York where he helped create "Katzenjammer Kids" and "Krazy Kat", among others. Lantz is best known as the originator of "Woody Woodpecker".

Walter Large

Credits: Window Theory BIRTHDATE| N/A

Walter Large

Credits: Poker Night BIRTHDATE| N/A

Walter LaRue

Credits: Dempsey BIRTHDATE| N/A

Walter Lassally

Award-winning cinematographer who found his stride with the emergence of the British Free Cinema movement. Like many of the directors with whom he worked--Lindsay Anderson (on the acclaimed documentary shorts "Wakefield Express" 1952 and "Thursday's Children" 1953, among others) Karel Reisz, Tony Richardson--Lassally contributed to "alternative" journals such as "Film" in the 1950s, proving an...

Walter Lawrence

Credits: Trapped in Paradise BIRTHDATE| N/A

Walter Leaphart

Credits: Rhyme & Reason BIRTHDATE| N/A

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