Inez Courtney

Actor, Vaudevillian, Milliner
Born: 03/12/1908 in New York City, New York, USA


Actor (24)

The Shop Around the Corner 1939 (Movie)


Partners in Crime 1936 (Movie)


Suzy 1935 (Movie)

Maisie (Actor)

Break of Hearts 1934 (Movie)


Broadway Bill 1934 (Movie)

Mae (Actor)

Big City Blues 1931 (Movie)


Song of the Flame 1929 (Movie)


Armored Car (Movie)

Blind Date (Actor)

Beauty for the Asking (Movie)

Gwen Morrison (Actor)

Blondie Meets the Boss (Movie)

Betty Lou (Actor)

Bright Lights (Movie)

Peggy North (Actor)

Cheating Blondes (Movie)

Polly (Actor)

Five of a Kind (Movie)

Libby Long (Actor)

Having Wonderful Time (Movie)

Emma (Actor)

Hold Your Man (Movie)

Maizie (Actor)

I Love That Man (Movie)


Jealousy (Movie)

Penny (Actor)

Let's Sing Again (Movie)

Marge (Actor)

Loose Ankles (Movie)

Betty (Actor)

Ship Cafe (Movie)

Molly (Actor)

Sunny (Movie)

"Weenie" (Actor)

The Farmer's Daughter (Movie)

Emily French (Actor)

The World Gone Mad (Movie)

Susan Bibens (Actor)

Wedding Present (Movie)

Mary Lawson (Actor)



Film acting debut