Infographic: What Kind of Celebrity Wedding Are You Having?

She may already be married, have one honeymoon under her belt, and be planning the other one, but Kim Kardashian is going to be all over E! this weekend when they air her two-part wedding special. We’ll be covering every butt joke, scuffle with Kris Jenner, and useless bout of advice from Scott Dissick, leading up to the final happy moment: the I-dos. But until that time comes, on Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, we’re got a handy little guide to celebrity weddings — you know in case that tortured artist scribbling in his notebook at the organic-free-range-vegan-anarchist coffee shop turns out to be a famous musician and you’re just months away from planning your own little celebrity hitch-party. Or in case you’re bored at work and you’d rather read a flowchart in honor of the celebutant wedding of the year than create a chart using numbers, or something.

Celebrity Weddings Infographic Chart