Inside Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Lunch Date — EXCLUSIVE

If the rumor that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are dating is a publicity stunt (and with Kim, you never know), then it’s certainly working. Just hours after Kanye dropped a single in which he gushed about his love for the reality star, the duo stopped by Serafina restaurant in NYC to make a very public appearance. So public that nearly a dozen photographers lined up outside to get the rumored couple’s picture — that is, if the fans surrounding the restaurant didn’t block their shots. 

So what were they trying to capture? West and Kardashian inside the restaurant, laughing like lovers (rolling like thunder… sorry!). West played the role of complete gentleman, brushing a beaming Kardashian’s arm as he helped her put on her jacket. And, as the new couple could have probably predicted, the entire restaurant — and the frenzy outside — ate up every move. 

The kommotion only got krazier as the couple exited the hot spot, security in tow. And, clearly, the duo need the extra back-up like Beyoncé needed a 2009 VMA (sorry, Kanye, we’ll never forget) — Photographers lined the street trying to grab shots of West and Kardashian leaving together in a silver Benz as fans nearby started shouting, “Kim and Kanye!” Congratulations, Ryan Seacrest: You have the title to your new E! series. Picture of West below!



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