Internet reports spark Worthington’s interest in Nemo role

Movie gossip sites suggested Worthington was being considered for the part of Captain Nemo in the film after Will Smith reportedly turned the part down.

The Aussie insists the reports aren’t true – but he’d love to reteam with McG for the epic Jules Verne tale.

He tells, “I actually saw that (story) online… and I’m like, ‘Hey, how come you’ve never talked to me about this?’

“I might get into it a bit more and start writing online, saying, ‘I want this job…’ We haven’t discussed it seriously. I wrote him (McG) an email and he wrote back saying, ‘I don’t think you have these qualities, blah, blah…’ and I wrote back saying, ‘It’s your job as a director to bring it out of me.'”