Ireland: ‘I wasn’t drunk at the Oscars’

The beauty drew comments from internet critics and bloggers as she interviewed stars including Zac Efron and Gabourey Sidibe during a pre-Oscars special on U.S. TV, with many viewers questioning her sobriety.

But the mum-of-three has assured fans her strange behaviour was simply due to the fact she was delighted to be on the red carpet.

In a series of posts on her page, Ireland writes: “(I) cannot please everyone… and frankly I wouldn’t ever want to. Don’t feel embarrassed for me. Had a blast and it was so much FUN!

“No meds (medication) or alcohol… just J.O.Y.! Never use drugs and that as a Mom is not a cool or funny suggestion (sic)… Some say I looked pregnant. LOL (laugh out loud)! Not true… others say I was drinking… Just excited to be involved. Grateful.”