Is Angelina Jolie Ready To Quit Acting?

angelina jolieWe all knew this day would come eventually. First Brad Pitt tortured us during an interview with 60 minutes when he said he planned on retiring from acting at the age of 50 (that’s three years from now) and now Angelina Jolie is hinting she may be fading from the silver screen as well (commence panic attack mode). Yes, it seems ever since Jolie tried her hand at directing, she’s developed a growing interest in the industry and has now caught the directing bug (not to be confused with the acting bug), making her think about going behind the camera full-time.

Jolie admitted to her potential career change to E! Online at the Producers Guild Awards, saying, “I still love acting–if I can find those roles that matter. But if I don’t, it’s nice to be able to shine the spotlight on another actress your think is extremely talented and give her the spotlight.” Granted she isn’t the first Hollywood star to think about permanently making the switch to the director’s chair, but it’s strange to think of her behind the scenes rather than in them. Plus, last we checked, directing made her cry in the shower, so I’m not sure why she’s so drawn to the idea.

Indeed, watching one of Hollywood’s most iconic figures retire from acting would be just tragic. But luckily that day is not today since Jolie still seems to be finding films that interest her, including her upcoming role as Sleeping Beauty’s nemesis in the live-action fairy-tale thriller Maleficent. Still, we’d better enjoy her roles while we can because it sounds like her movie days could be numbered. Any film could be her last. 

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Source: E!