Is Demi Moore Dating Lindsay Lohan’s Ex, 19 Years Her Junior?

ALTWell here’s something we didn’t see coming: Demi Moore is dating a younger man. Oh no, sorry, we thought that said younger mom. Because Moore with a younger man is as predictable as a new year.

According to E! Online, the 50-year-old cougar — who is in the midst of a divorce from her ex, 34-year-old Ashton Kutcher — has been seen out with restauranteur Harry Morton. Yes, the same 31-year-old who once famously dated Lindsay Lohan. (As if you needed more proof that the dating pool in Hollywood wasn’t small enough.)

The two were spotted at dinner last week, but TMZ is alleging that the pair have mutual acquaintances and are just friends. Take it away, Biz Markie.

[Photo Credit: WENN]


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