Is Paul Ryan Funnier Than Sarah Palin? John Oliver Votes

Is Paul Ryan Funnier Than Sarah Palin? John Oliver Votes

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin and her family participate the annual Rolling Thunder rally for POW/MIA. Arlington, VA. 05-29-2011

Paul Ryan vs. Sarah Palin

Will late-night, SNL and the cable shows have just as much fun?

The Peggy Hill bouffant, aww-shucks accent, that whole seeing Russia debacle — back in 2008, Sarah Palin became every comedian’s dream. Late-night writers had found their next George W. Bush and they celebrated by spraying Palin comedy confetti all over the universe. 

So the question still remains: Can the GOP’s new Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan hold a candle to the pit bull with lipstick when it comes to the funny stuff?

The Daily Show writer/correspondent John Oliver says Mitt Romney’s running mate just isn’t as “instinctively” funny as Palin. 

“[Palin] has a visceral, immediate impact,” he tells Rolling Stone. “Our filing cabinet of Ayn Rand jokes was empty, so we need to fill that up for Paul Ryan. Ayn Rand is hysterical, obviously, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

Although Oliver says he has no comedic preference when it comes to his POTUS pick, he admits it’s easier to make fun of Republicans. “Yes, it is easier, but it’s also less satisfying. Towards the end of the Bush years, there were times where it was like shooting fish in a barrel, because he was saying things that were almost palpably ludicrous. But it wasn’t much fun writing jokes about that, because they often came from a point of complete despair.”

Late-night hosts and comedy writers have already had plenty of chuckles with the RNC (oh, Clint) and now the DNC. And whatever the outcome in November, one thing’s for sure: we know who we’d vote for to play Paul Ryan on Saturday Night Live:

Paul Ryan vs. Sarah Palin

Would Mr. Schue sing Rage Against the Machine?

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