Is Taylor Swift Trying To Steal Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Shine?


It’s been a rough few months for Taylor Swift. Her “perfect” image was effectively shattered when Kim Kardashian exposed her for lying about some lyrics from Kanye West‘s song “Famous” and things didn’t get any better when she had two very public breakups within four months of one another. I can no longer call myself a fan of Taylor’s, (mostly because of her selective views of feminism and the fact that she blatantly lied), but I wouldn’t wish that type of drama and nonsense on anyone. 

Nevertheless, TSwift is trying to bounce back in a major way. Apparently, Swift has always wanted to be the Super Bowl halftime performer, but she hadn’t been able to grab the gig because of her huge sponsorship deal with Diet Coke. (Pepsi, Coke’s main rival sponsors the halftime show.) In fact, Lady Gaga has just been announced as the performing for the upcoming Super Bowl.


Still, this news hasn’t stopped TSwift from getting in where she fits in. The evening before the Superbowl, Swift will be headlining a concert extravaganza sponsored by AT&T in the SuperBowl stadium in Houston. The concert will be part of the DirecTV Super Saturday Night event and is a super lucrative multimillion dollar deal for Swift. Apparently, some Lady Gaga fans are accusing Swift of trying to steal the “Paparazzi” singer’s shine. 

As much as I love to roll my eyes at TSwift, I’m never going to fault another woman for getting her coins. I don’t see why there isn’t room for both Lady Gaga and TSwift during SuperBowl weekend. After all, Katy Perry brought up Missy Elliott during her halftime performance a few years ago and Beyonce brought out Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams during her first halftime performance. This is drama no one needs. 

I only watch the Super Bowl because of the delicious snacks anyway.