Is that Ryan Gosling? Who Is This Dapper Young Man? — PHOTO

Who is that handsome young fellow on the left? Surely it’s Ryan Gosling looking pensive in a shot from some new arthouse film he’s taken on. It must be.

But it’s not. Long before he was ending Golden Globes speeches with “Ta Da!” Django Unchained star Christoph Waltz was brooding handsomely in Austrian films like 1981’s Kopfstand, which is where this dashing glimpse of young Waltz comes from.

The only question that remains is: which early ‘80s Waltz movie will we watch first? He did play Tristan in a 1982 German film version of the classic love tragedy Tristan and Isolde. That seems like a good place to start. Commence the swooning.

Young Christoph Waltz and Ryan Gosling

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[Photo Credit: Hoanzl; WENN]


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