Is This Britney Spears’ New Perfume Ad or the New Peg on a Britney Timeline?

Britney Fantasy TwistBritney’s back and in a big way. 

She’s gracing magazine covers left and right, and looking pretty good for a lady who’s had a few kids and went through the ringer in the early 2000s. She earned $15 million dollars for judging the X Factor and she’s actually one of the more entertaining personalities on the show (not to mention the source of a wealth of awesomeness in the realm of GIFs). Britney Spears is on the rise (again), and her latest ad campaign for her new fragrance, Fantasy Twist, is an indication of that.

The print version shows two sides to our beloved Brit Brit: the light, pop goddess side and the darker, past self, that colors the person she is today. The two sides converge in the video ad that takes us through the many faces of Britney (below).

It’s almost as if her rocky journey back to the spotlight is being reflected in the ad. But that’s not an uncommon practice for B. In fact, we looked back at her ads throughout her career and, as it turns out, they serve as map to her development (and devolvement) through the years. 

1999: Britney Sweetly Reps “Suki”

In 1999, Spears was on top of the world. She was newly famous, fresh-faced, and all anyone could talk about thanks to her then-scandalous choice to dance in a sports bra in a music video. Still largely a pawn of the late ‘90s pop music machine, she’d yet to start making her own decisions. Accordingly, Britney simply dances along to her own sweet song and pops a few pieces of the simple Japanese candy in one of her first big ad campaigns.

2001: Introducing the Pepsi Revolution, Starring Britney

As her fame began to rise beyond all control and Spears became the girl every teen lady wanted to be and the crush every teen boy couldn’t shake, her image morphed into a sex-tinged all-American dream. She was breaking down boundaries and exposing sexuality in pop music with her nude, crystal covered body suit at the 2000 MTA Video Music Awards. In this time period she nabbed her second number one album, and — we can’t forget — she was canoodling with Justin Timberlake. No wonder the red, white, and blue beverage wanted her to rep their beloved brand.

2003: Britney Is Questionably Bubbly for GG Tea

In 2003, our Brit Brit started acting out. Luckily, she still looked great onstage and her music was just as infectious as ever, so we were hanging on just as tightly as ever. Yet, there were signs of her eventual downward spiral. Her music was bolder, with much of her album In The Zone incorporating a taste for bad behavior and danger moreso than her previous songs. She was linked to weirdos like Fred Durst and kissed bad boy Colin Farrell on his S.W.A.T. red carpet; but at the same time, she was still a lucrative investment. Forbes named her the World’s Most Powerful Celeb that year, and this commercial is proof. Her outfit’s a little nuts, she’s getting crazy on the dance floor, and yet all we can think is how bubbly and refreshing that “tea soda” must be. Oh, the power of Britney.

2004: The Dirty Girl is “Curious”

Spears started going down an even more daring path after she locked lips with Madonna at the VMAs. Next thing we knew, she in Vegas saying “I do” to a 55-hour marriage, dating and then marrying Kevin Federline just weeks after his ex-girlfriend had his baby, filming that shaky cam reality show about her relationship with K.Fed, and having his babies. Her music was rougher, too; “Toxic” signaled a new, dirtier Britney era and her choice to cover Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative” for her greatest hits album was an indication of the future. So too was this commercial, which took her bubbly persona and turned it into that of a sexual predator behind closed doors. This was dark (for Britney fans, anyway).

2005: The Delusion Begins

As her life got worse, Britney’s commercials got more fantastical. In real life, she was being chastised for poor parenting and waltzing around without underwear (or sometimes without shoes). And she was still bumming around with K.Fed. Things were looking grim, so naturally, her ad at the time was an indication of her mental state: she was living in her own little fantasy world.

2008: Britney’s Not Here

When Spears’ father took control of her decisions in the wake of series of bad choices, custody battles (which she lost), divorce, rehab, that head-shaving incident, and a string of questionable wardrobe decisions, Britney sort of fell of the face of the planet. But she had a fragrance to promote! So what did they do? They strung together images of her from her album Circus and threw them into a video. We couldn’t have her parading around when she’s supposed to be learning how to get her life back on track, right?

2010: It’s Britney, B**ch, Buy Her Clothes

Spears came back to life in 2010; she was touted as the most popular person on Twitter (at the time) and she was back in the higher ranks of Forbes‘ Most Powerful Celebrities list. Things were turning around. First stop: Candies makeover.


2011: Can’t Keep a Former Mouseketeer Down

Just before she made her full-fledged comeback, Britney delivered a bit of a message to her fans: “Choose your own destiny.” She was back in charge of her own life and ready to fix it. She didn’t quite reach this glamorous, 1940s movie star status, but she’s doing alright these days.

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