Isabelle Carré

Born: 05/27/1971


Actor (38)

Marie's Story 2015 (Movie)

Sister Marguerite (Actor)

Affaires etrangeres 2014 (Movie)


Du goudron et des plumes 2014 (Movie)


Où Vas-Tu Judith? 2014 (Movie)

Judith (Actor)

Respire 2014 (Movie)


La Cerise Sur Le Gâteau 2012 (Movie)

Florence (Actor)

Des vents contraires 2011 (Movie)


Romantics Anonymous 2011 (Movie)

Angélique (Actor)

Hideaway 2010 (Movie)

Mousse (Actor)

A French Gigolo 2009 (Movie)

Fanny (Actor)

Tellement proches 2009 (Movie)

Nathalie (Actor)

God's Offices 2008 (Movie)


Musee haut, musee bas 2008 (Movie)

Carole Province (Actor)

Anna M. 2007 (Movie)

Anna M (Actor)

Private Fears In Public Places 2007 (Movie)

Gaelle (Actor)

The Fox & the Child 2007 (Movie)

(French Language Version) (Narrator)

The Fox & the Child 2007 (Movie)

The Girl as an Adult (Actor)

Four Stars 2006 (Movie)

Franssou (Actor)

Entre Ses Mains 2005 (Movie)

Claire Gautier (Actor)

L' Avion 2005 (Movie)

Catherine (Actor)

Holy Lola 2004 (Movie)


Eros Therapy 2003 (Movie)


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 2003 (Movie)

Rachel (Actor)

Les Sentiments 2003 (Movie)


Children of the Century 2002 (Movie)

Aimee d'Alton (Actor)

Bella Ciao 2001 (Movie)

Marie (Actor)

Mercredi, folle journee! 2001 (Movie)

Antonella Lorca (Actor)

Beautiful Memories 2000 (Movie)

Claire (Actor)

Ca ira mieux demain 2000 (Movie)

Marie (Actor)

L' Envol 2000 (Movie)

Julie (Actor)

La Buche 2000 (Movie)

Annabelle (Actor)

Les Enfants du marais 1999 (Movie)

Marie (Actor)

Superlove 1999 (Movie)

Marie-Helene (Actor)

Beaumarchais: The Scoundrel 1997 (Movie)

Rostine (Actor)

De Source Sure 1997 (Movie)


La Femme defendue 1997 (Movie)

Elle (Actor)

Les Soeurs soleil 1997 (Movie)

Murielle Muzard (Actor)

Beau fixe 1991 (Movie)

Valerie (Actor)