Isabelle Sadoyan

Born: 05/12/1928


Actor (25)

The Returned 2015 (Tv Show)


Thérèse 2013 (Movie)

Tante Clara (Actor)

Summer Hours 2009 (Movie)

Eloise (Actor)

Le Passager De L'Ete 2006 (Movie)

Prudence (Actor)

Aram 2002 (Movie)


That Obscure Object of Desire 2001 (Movie)

Gardienne (Actor)

The Eighth Day 1997 (Movie)

Georges' Mother (Actor)

L' Appat 1995 (Movie)

Eric's Grandmother (Actor)

Le Petit Garcon 1994 (Movie)

Cecile (Actor)

Peche Veniel... Peche Mortel 1993 (Movie)


588 Rue Paradis 1992 (Movie)


Carences 1992 (Movie)

Madame Martin (Actor)

Mayrig 1991 (Movie)

Anna (Actor)

In the Eye of the Snake 1990 (Movie)

Grandmother (Actor)

Apres la guerre 1989 (Movie)

La Crochue (Actor)

Embrasse-moi 1989 (Movie)

Grandmother (Actor)

Flagrant Desir 1986 (Movie)


Subway 1985 (Movie)

Commissioner's Wife (Actor)

Tristesse et Beaute 1984 (Movie)

Mathilde (Actor)

Partir Revenir 1983 (Movie)

Governess (Actor)

La Bete Noire 1982 (Movie)

Madame Guyot (Actor)

The Return of Martin Guerre 1981 (Movie)

Catherine Boere (Actor)

L' Adolescente 1977 (Movie)

Louise (Actor)

L' Alliance 1969 (Movie)

Helene (Actor)

Made in France (Movie)