It’s A Christmas Miracle! Natalie Portman Is Getting First Ever Christmas Tree This Year

Natalie Portman is living a dream many Jewish people secretly want to live out — she’s getting her first ever Christmas tree.

The actress decided that she’s celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah together this year. Portman admitted that because her husband’s family celebrates Christmas, they usually spend that day with his family, then go to her mother’s house for Hanukkah. Because the two holidays overlap this year, they’re all going to her mom’s for a Christmukkah celebration.

“So excited,” she told Jimmy Fallon during an interview on The Tonight Show. “My whole life, no Christmas tree. And then all of a sudden they have this great excuse because it’s kind of every Jew’s secret wish to have a Christmas tree. … It took 35 years to get here.”

All we’ve got to ask is does this mean her little bundle of joy gets double the amount of presents? If so, that’s one lucky kid.

Check out the full interview above.

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