Ivan Desny

Born: 11/29/1921 in China


Actor (38)

World on a Wire 2010 (Movie)

Gunther Lause (Actor)

La Desenchantee 1998 (Movie)

The Uncle (Actor)

Les Voleurs 1996 (Movie)

Victor (Actor)

God afton, Herr Wallenberg 1993 (Movie)

General Schmidthuber (Actor)

Die Ehe der Maria Braun 1989 (Movie)

Karl Oswald (Actor)

Lola 1989 (Movie)

Wittich (Actor)

Quicker Than the Eye 1989 (Movie)

Schneider (Actor)

La Caviar Rouge 1988 (Movie)

Yuri (Actor)

Hotel de France 1987 (Movie)


Zockerexpress 1987 (Movie)


Flugel und Felleln 1986 (Movie)

Charles (Actor)

Motten im Licht 1985 (Movie)


Malou 1984 (Movie)

Paul (Actor)

Die Wilden Fuenfziger 1982 (Movie)

Guest (Actor)

Odio le Blonde 1980 (Movie)

Mr Brown (Actor)

Bloodline 1979 (Movie)

Jeweller (Actor)

Fabian 1979 (Movie)


Die Eroberung der Zitadelle 1978 (Movie)


Halbe-Halbe 1978 (Movie)

Baron Wurlitzer (Actor)

Red Rings of Fear 1977 (Movie)


Paper Tiger 1975 (Movie)

Foreign Minister (Actor)

Who? 1975 (Movie)

General Sturmer (Actor)

Falsche Bewegung 1974 (Movie)

Industrialist (Actor)

Don't Cry For Me Little Mother 1971 (Movie)

General Umberla (Actor)

Little Mother 1971 (Movie)

Umberia (Actor)

Nocturno 1971 (Movie)

Man (Actor)

The Adventures of Gerard 1969 (Movie)


Guns For San Sebastian 1968 (Movie)

Captain Calleja (Actor)

Mayerling 1968 (Movie)

Count Josef Hoyos (Actor)

Bon Voyage! 1961 (Movie)

Rudolph (Actor)

End of Desire 1961 (Movie)

Fourcheville (Actor)

Song Without End 1960 (Movie)

Prince Nicholas (Actor)

The Mirror Has Two Faces 1958 (Movie)

Gerald Durieu (Actor)

Anastasia 1956 (Movie)

Prince Paul (Actor)

Lola Montes 1955 (Movie)

James (Actor)

No Way Back 1954 (Movie)

Mischa (Actor)

Camille Without Camellias 1953 (Movie)

Nardo Rusconi (Actor)

Murder by Proxy (Movie)