J.Lo’s Nip Slip: Why America Is So Obsessed

Jonah HexJust when we thought that Angelina-ing was going to fully dwarf Jennifer Lopez’s “Nipple-Gate,” Steven Tyler reignited the fire. And Lopez thought she was out of the woods. But we live in a world where Lady Gaga binds herself in plastic wrap and calls it clothing. J.Lo’s wardrobe malfunction actually has to compete not only with other famous slips, but more specifically with Janet Jackson’s infamous incident and Nancy Grace’s alleged Dancing With The Stars reveal in the very specific “nipple slip” category of all celebrity wardrobe malfunctions. Celebs’ barely there fashions constantly beget paparazzi photos of side-boob and peeking bottoms, so what is it about this still unconfirmed nipple slip that has our attentions so arrested?

Lopez’s former publicist and Naughty But Nice columnist Rob Shuter tells Hollywood.com, “Whenever you have a sexy celebrity and a flash of skin it always gets a lot of attention.” He added, “If it wasn’t for another A-list flashing her leg (Angie) the Jlo story would have been the biggest story from the Oscars. What also makes this interesting is the ‘did she didn’t she’ aspect. JLo saying it never happened makes us all want to look at the picture again and be the judge.” According to Shumer, Lopez can thank Tyler for re-opening that can of worms.
And America has certainly responded since Tyler brought up the supposed deep-v snafu all over again. Could the reason behind all the hullabaloo be that at heart, our national consciousness is still hanging onto Puritanical roots? Shuter doesn’t think so. 
“Seeing a celebrity nipple would be a big deal in any country. I’m amazed that we have talked very little about – if it was right or wrong – but rather if it happened or not.” Americans are less concerned about the morality of the issue – it’s no different than rubber-necking at a fender-bender on the side of the highway. Except instead of a beat up Honda Civic, it’s Jennifer Lopez’s fabulous assets that’s got us gawking.
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