Jack Fishman


Music (17)

Anchorman 2004 (Movie)

("Help Yourself") (Song)

The Big Tease 2000 (Movie)

("Hurry to Me") (Song)

Salsa 1988 (Movie)

(Music Supervisor)

Dancers 1987 (Movie)

(Music Supervisor)

Making the Grade 1984 (Movie)

source music supervisor (Music Supervisor)

Over the Brooklyn Bridge 1984 (Movie)

songs("Over the Brooklyn Bridge" "I'd Like to Hold You All Night") (Song)

Roman Zair 1982 (Movie)

(Music Supervisor)

Sapiches 1981 (Movie)

("The "Private Popsicle March") (Music)

Sapiches 1981 (Movie)

(Music Supervisor)

Sapiches 1981 (Movie)

("Strictly Private") (Song)

Just a Gigolo 1978 (Movie)

song arranger("Easy Winners" "Ragtime Dance") (Song)

Diamonds 1975 (Movie)

title song (Song)

The Girl From Petrovka 1973 (Movie)


Get Carter 1971 (Movie)

lyrics (Theme Lyrics)

Nor the Moon By Night 1958 (Movie)

lyrics("Nor the Moon By Night") (Theme Lyrics)

Port Afrique 1956 (Movie)

songs (Song)

Looking For Lola (TV Show)

Music Supervisor
Other (1)

Lifeforce 1985 (Movie)

(music) (Technical Advisor)