Jack Kenney

Born: 11/16/1886


Actor (23)

The Gambler Wore a Gun 1961 (Movie)

Bartender (Actor)

Inside the Mafia 1958 (Movie)

Vince DeMao (Actor)

Chicago Confidential 1957 (Movie)

Martin (Actor)

The Tin Star 1957 (Movie)

Sam Hodges (Actor)

These Wilder Years 1956 (Movie)

Chauffeur (Actor)

Crime Wave 1954 (Movie)

Stoolie (Actor)

The Country Girl 1954 (Movie)

Actor (Actor)

House of Wax 1953 (Movie)

Lodger (Actor)

The Gang's All Here 1940 (Movie)


Wyoming Outlaw 1938 (Movie)

Radioman Doyle (Actor)

Deadline at Dawn (Movie)

Headwaiter (Actor)

Jealousy (Movie)


Manhattan Melodrama (Movie)

Policeman (Actor)

My Dream Is Yours (Movie)

Cab Driver (Actor)

Not Quite Decent (Movie)

Another Crook (Actor)

She's Back on Broadway (Movie)

Loader (Actor)

South Sea Woman (Movie)

Bartender (Actor)

Strike up the Band (Movie)

Hot Dog Concessionaire (Actor)

Suspense (Movie)

Poker Player (Actor)

The Gang's All Here (Movie)

Dink (Actor)

The Perfect Specimen (Movie)

Spectator (Actor)

The Toast of New York (Movie)


We Live Again (Movie)

Music (1)

Sensation Hunters (Movie)