Jack Pennick

Born: 12/07/1895


Actor (19)

How the West Was Won 1962 (Movie)

Corporal Murphy (Actor)

Two Rode Together 1961 (Movie)

Sergeant (Actor)

Sergeant Rutledge 1960 (Movie)

Sergeant (Actor)

The Horse Soldiers 1959 (Movie)

Sergeant Major Mitchell (Actor)

The Buccaneer 1958 (Movie)

Pirate (Actor)

The Wings of Eagles 1957 (Movie)

Joe (Actor)

The Searchers 1956 (Movie)

Private (Actor)

Mister Roberts 1955 (Movie)

Marine Sergeant (Actor)

The Last Frontier 1955 (Movie)

Corporal (Actor)

The Long Gray Line 1955 (Movie)

Recruiting Sergeant (Actor)

Operation Pacific 1951 (Movie)

the Chief (Actor)

The Fighting Kentuckian 1949 (Movie)

Capt. Dan Carroll (Actor)

Fort Apache 1948 (Movie)

Sergeant Shattuck (Actor)

Three Godfathers 1948 (Movie)


They Were Expendable 1945 (Movie)


Lady From Louisiana 1940 (Movie)


Stagecoach 1939 (Movie)


Drums Along the Mohawk 1938 (Movie)


City Girl 1929 (Movie)