Jackson Abused Medication for Years

Michael Jackson had been abusing prescription drugs for years, according to his longtime friend, doctor and author Deepak Chopra.

Chopra reveals that he has refused in the past to prescribe the star strong medication, and blamed “drug peddling Hollywood doctors” for feeding his need and causing his death.

In a passion-fuelled interview with CNN, Chopra listed the drugs he knew Jackson was taking, including strong painkillers Demerol and Oxycontin, the latter dubbed ‘Hillybilly Heroin.’

Chopra said, “Michael spent a week with me and at one point asked me for a prescription for a narcotic. It certainly dawned on me he was already taking these and had a number of doctors who were giving him these prescriptions, so I confronted him with that. At first he denied it, he was in a lot of pain, he said he had back pain and I knew he had muscular aches and skeletal pains from the stress he was going through. I said, ‘Michael you don’t need this…’

“There are a plethora of doctors in Hollywood — they are drug peddlers, they are drug pushers they just happen to have a medical license and I hope this episode today, this tragic death of a great human being will bring to light this problem.

“I will be bold enough to identify these people at a certain time but I think the police should do their own investigation.”

When pushed on the drugs Jackson was taking by host Wolf Blitzer, Chopra replied, “At one time I knew about Oxycontin. I knew that he would get injections of Demerol and other narcotics. I was really desperate to try and help him but you can’t help somebody who is going to deny it. In my belief, from what I know, he was (addicted).”

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