Jackson Autopsy Released; Doctor Pleads Not Guilty

The Los Angeles Coroner has confirmed reports Michael Jackson died of “acute propofol intoxication” after he was given a powerful anesthetic used to relax patients before “major surgery.”

In an autopsy report, released on Monday by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, the authorities ruled Jackson was administered the drug in a manner that did not meet agreed medical standards.

Examiners wrote, “The standard of care for administering propofol was not met (and) recommended equipment for patient monitoring, precision dosing, and resuscitation was not present.”

The release of the autopsy came as Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, pleaded not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter.

Dr. Murray stands accused of administering the anesthetic, which killed Jackson.

Murray was released on $75,000 bail and had to surrender his passport.

The judge told Murray he cannot use or prescribe anesthetics for the foreseeable future, stating, “I do not want you sedating people.”

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