Jackson Doctor: ‘He Was Fit and Well’

Michael Jackson‘s personal physician Dr. Tohme Tohme has spoken out about the star’s tragic death — insisting the singer did not have any heart problems.

The “Thriller” hitmaker passed away last month after suffering a cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home, amid rumors he was battling an addiction to prescription drugs.

Tohme was not with Jackson when he collapsed at his home, and learned the tragic news of his passing after he rushed to the city’s UCLA hospital following a phone call from a reporter.

Tohme, who also acted as Jackson’s business manager and spokesman in the months before his death, is adamant that rumors the singer had a heart condition are totally unfounded.

He says, “He didn’t have a heart problem. A guy who dances for four hours a day has a heart attack? I will have a heart attack before him.

“I spoke to him on the Wednesday before his death. I told him he looked to me a little too thin. He had lost some weight. But he was working hard, he was dancing for four hours a day. He said he was fine.

“Then on Thursday I got a call from a reporter asking if Michael had a heart attack. I got calls from different media saying he was rushed to UCLA so I went there. The hospital staff had already told the family that he was dead. Nobody knows what really happened.”

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