Jake Gyllenhaal And Taylor Swift Break Up

jake gyllenhaal and taylor swiftPossibly because they couldn’t find a solution to the thousands of dead birds and fish in Arkansas and Lousiana, it was announced yesterday that Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal had broken up. Everyone’s wondering what really went wrong and if their nine year age difference of had anything to do with Jake just loosing interest in Taylor Swift’s cateye and continued enjoyment with limos.

US Magazine wrote they broke up right before New Year’s and People explained their end was solidified by the way they entered the new year in different states: Swift was in Nashville at a party and Gyllenhaal was in New York having dinner with his mom, just like any other 30 year old person who can’t believe he just spent $11,000 on a guitar for a nineteen year old without knowing the perils of doing so were already chronicled by Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson in Hard Candy. The last time Jake and Taylor were seen together was on December 9th, which was almost a month ago.

Neither one is taking it particularly hard: Swift still plans on attending the People’s Choice Awards today and Gyllenhaal is focusing on winning the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Musical or Comedy. May they both be able to live without coffee from the hundreds of java spots they ventured into together.

Sources: US, People