James A Miller


Engineering, Electrical, & Grips (13)

Roll Bounce 2005 (Movie)


Shall We Dance? 2004 (Movie)


The In-Laws 2003 (Movie)

(Chicago) (Gaffer)

High Fidelity 2000 (Movie)


Reach the Rock 1998 (Movie)


Storefront Hitchcock 1998 (Movie)


Love Jones 1997 (Movie)

(Lighting Technician)

The Specialist 1994 (Movie)

(Rigging Gaffer)

Rudy 1993 (Movie)

(Lighting Technician)

Three of Hearts 1993 (Movie)

(New York crew) (Grip)

Curly Sue 1991 (Movie)

(Lighting Technician)

The Untouchables 1987 (Movie)


Nothing in Common 1986 (Movie)

(Chicago) (Gaffer)
Camera, Film, & Tape (1)

Green Chimneys 1995 (Movie)

cinematography (Cinematographer)
Other (1)


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