James C. Eagles


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Abraham Lincoln (Movie)

Young Soldier (Actor)

Charlie Chan in Egypt (Movie)

Barry Arnold (Actor)

Down the Stretch (Movie)

Sunny (Actor)

Flight for Freedom (Movie)

Charlie (Actor)

Half-Marriage (Movie)


He Was Her Man (Movie)

Whitey (Actor)

Manhattan Melodrama (Movie)

Boy in Prison (Actor)

Massacre (Movie)


Murder at Glen Athol (Movie)

Harry Randel (Actor)

Never a Dull Moment (Movie)

Soda Jerk (Actor)

Racing Blood (Movie)

Smokey Reynolds (Actor)

Son of the Gods (Movie)

Spud (Actor)

Sons O' Guns (Movie)

Young Soldier (Actor)

Sunset Range (Movie)


The Big Fight (Movie)


The Painted Trail (Movie)

Sammy (Actor)

The Penal Code (Movie)


The Story of Temple Drake (Movie)

Tommy (Actor)

The Thirteenth Guest (Movie)

Harold "Bud" Morgan (Actor)

The Thirteenth Guest (Movie)

Harold Morgan (Actor)

When Willie Comes Marching Home (Movie)

Reporter (Actor)

You Said a Mouthful (Movie)

Messenger (Actor)