James Donlan

Born: 07/23/1888


Actor (26)

20,000 Years in Sing-Sing (Movie)


Air Mail (Movie)

Passenger (Actor)

Big News (Movie)

Deke (Actor)

Crash Donovan (Movie)

Smokey (Actor)

Design for Living (Movie)

Fat Man (Actor)

Dr. Socrates (Movie)

Salesman (Actor)

Final Edition (Movie)

Freddie (Actor)

Five Star Final (Movie)

Reporter (Actor)

Gambling Lady (Movie)

Lawyer (Actor)

Hi, Nellie! (Movie)

Evans (Actor)

In Caliente (Movie)

Swanson (Actor)

It Happened in Hollywood (Movie)

Shorty (Actor)

Music for Madame (Movie)

Suspect with Cold (Actor)

Oh, Doctor (Movie)

Mr. Stoddard (Actor)

The Bishop Murder Case (Movie)

Sgt. Ernest Heath (Actor)

The Death Kiss (Movie)

Hill (Actor)

The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (Movie)

Cabby (Actor)

The Fall Guy (Movie)

Saxophone Reposseser (Actor)

The Good Bad Girl (Movie)

Donovan (Actor)

The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (Movie)

Man in Theater Box (Actor)

The Penguin Pool Murder (Movie)

Fink (Actor)

The Plot Thickens (Movie)

Jim (Actor)

The Traveling Saleslady (Movie)

McNeill (Actor)

This is My Affair (Movie)

Reporter (Actor)

Under Pressure (Movie)

Corky (Actor)

Whole Town's Talking (Movie)

Detective Sgt. Pat Howe (Actor)


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