James Franco Will Record An Album

James FrancoWhen I said James Franco could do anything he wanted, I didn’t think he’d actually do everything. Being an over-achieving grad student (at multiple New York schools), a semi-successful short story writer, a soap opera star, and oh yeah, a wildly popular, handsome movie star apparently aren’t enough for Franco, so he’s turning to the music world. He’s since joined up with Brooklyn video and performance artist Kalup Linzy (who seems to really love rocking the Kenan Thompson as Reba McEntire look) to create the musical duo “Kalup and Franco.”

Now that he’s conquered the creative world (film, television, art, writing), what will be do next? I’m pretty sure we won’t even see it coming. Maybe he’ll start his own dairy farm and sell Franco specialty cheeses? Perhaps he’ll open a museum that specializes in food shaped like celebrity faces? Or maybe, just maybe, he’ll just get really busy making movies again. I’m keeping my hopes up for that last option.

Source: The Wall Street Journal