James Joyce

Born: 02/02/1882 in Dublin, IE


Writer (8)

Bloom 2004 (Movie)

(from novel: "Ulysses") (Source Material)

A Painful Case 1991 - 1992 (TV Show)

From Story

The Dead 1987 (Movie)

from short story("The Dead" in "Dubliners") (From Story)

James Joyce's Women 1985 (Movie)

(Characters as Source Material)

A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man 1976 (Movie)

("Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man") (Source Material (from novel))

Ulysses 1967 (Movie)

("Ulysses") (Source Material (from novel))

Passages From James Joyce's Finnegans Wake 1964 (Movie)

("Finnegans Wake") (Source Material (from novel))

James Joyce's Ulysses (TV Show)

Book as Source Material