James Lopez


Visual Effects & Animation (13)

Winnie the Pooh 2011 (Movie)


The Princess and the Frog 2009 (Movie)

(Dr Facilier) (Animator)

Flushed Away 2006 (Movie)


Chicken Little 2005 (Movie)


Fat Albert 2004 (Movie)


Home on the Range 2004 (Movie)

(Farm Animals) (Character Animation) (Animator)

The Emperor's New Groove 2000 (Movie)

lead animator(character animation "Tipo") (Animator)

Hercules 1997 (Movie)

(Pain & Panic/character animation) (Animator)

Pocahontas 1995 (Movie)

(Wiggins) (Animator)

Runaway Brain 1995 (Movie)

animation (Animator)

The Lion King 1994 (Movie)

(Timon) (Animator)

Bebe's Kids 1992 (Movie)

main titles (Main Title Design)

Bebe's Kids 1992 (Movie)

character animator (Animator)
Actor (1)

Plain Clothes 1988 (Movie)

Mark (Actor)