James Onate


Art Department (8)

Wanderlust 2012 (Movie)

Paint Foreman (Painter)

The Crazies 2010 (Movie)

Paint Foreman (Painter)

The Last Song 2010 (Movie)

Scenice Foreman (Scenic Artist)

John Adams 2008 (Tv Show)

Scenic Artist

The Secret Life of Bees 2008 (Movie)

Paint Foreman (Painter)

Idlewild 2006 (Movie)

(Scenic Artist)

Into the Blue 2005 (Movie)

Scenic Gangboss (Scenery)

Super Mario Brothers 1993 (Movie)

scenic artist foreman (Scenic Artist)
Other (5)

Ride With the Devil 1999 (Movie)

scenic foreman (Other)

Empire Records 1995 (Movie)

Scenic Foreman (Construction Foreman)

The Road to Wellville 1994 (Movie)

scenic (Other)

Flesh and Bone 1993 (Movie)

scenic foreperson (Other)

My Cousin Vinny 1992 (Movie)

lead scenic (Other)