Jamie Pressly’s Mugshot Is Revealed

Last night, Jaime Pressly was arrested for suspicion of DUI. While she was driving in Santa Monica, police pulled her over after took a traffic rule out behind the barn and violated it. A breathalyzer was administered, which she failed, and then she was taken to jail in Santa Monica and held on $15,000 bail. She obviously paid it with the money she made for appearing as the month of August in many of of your local University’s calendars that are sold at the student union.

Law officials told TMZ that there weren’t any drugs, alcohol, children, or Ray Ban sunglassses in her car. It was also revealed that a person driving under the influence is usually held at $5,000 bail, but that number increases if their blood alcohol content is higher than .15 (which is almost twice the legal limit). But nobody can confirm Jamie’s level of intoxication.

Below, for your convenience, you’ll find her mugshot. It’s not terrible: she’s not thinking it’s her yearbook photo and smiling like a goon, and she’s not hysterically crying in an admission of guilt. Rather, looks to be quite involved in the season of Desperate Housewives where Felicity Huffman‘s character first gets cancer.